Talking Point to Minors

How to Talk to a Minor about Research


Notice to adults enrolling on behalf of a child under the age of maturity:


Please read the following information regarding the research if you would like your child to take part in the study.


All survey questions on the uBioDiscovery website address the research participant. We ask you to answer these surveys with or on behalf of your child, depending on his or her age, maturity, and understanding.


In addition, for studies like SUPERBIOME, when children or minors are involved in research, the regulations require the assent of the child or minor and the permission of both parents, in place of the consent of the subjects.


Assent is a child’s affirmative agreement to participate in research. Mere failure to object should not be construed as assent.


On this page, you will be asked to read the informed consent document and provide permission for your child to participate in this research. Your child must also be informed about the research and decide if he or she wishes to participate. If a child expresses discomfort with a survey topic, question, or the study in general, they may choose to stop participating.


If your child is mature enough to understand the informed consent document, please have the child read it and discuss any concerns with you.


If your child cannot read and understand the informed consent document, here are some suggested ways to discuss this research, including the potential risks and benefits, with your child:



What is Bacteria?


  • Bacteria are small cells that live everywhere in and on your body.
  • Certain kinds of bacteria can make you sick, while others are help your body function.
  • Your bacteria is very unique, and nobody else has a bacterial community exactly like yours
  • You even have bacteria in your gut! Scientists at uBioDiscovery can look very, very closely at your stool to take a picture of your bacteria. All you have to do is send a small amount of stool in a special tube and mail it to our lab.


Why does uBioDiscovery want my bacteria?


Our scientists are trying to learn how bacteria from your gut affects gut health, and how it is linked to certain diseases We want to know how bacteria affects other things too, like weight or mood.


Is sharing my bacteria with uBioDiscovery safe?


Your community of bacteria is very unique, just like you. We are very careful with your microbiome information and we will do our best to keep it safe. The computers where we keep your  information have strong protections to keep other people from breaking in and looking at your information.



Who decides if I join this study?


You and your parents do. If you want to and your parents say it’s okay, then you can be in our study. If you don’t want to be in our study, that’s fine! Just make sure to tell your parents. Even if you decide to join this study today, you can change your mind later and quit.