The SUPERBIOME kit provides you with a breakdown of the bacteria that make up your gut microbiome, and unique dietary suggestions based on these bacteria! A diverse diet and active lifestyle, in combination with probiotics, can help you to boost your microbiome and improve your overall health!

How it Works

1. Order your SUPERBIOME kit

Your SUPERBIOME kit will be delivered directly to your door, equipped with probiotics and all of the accessories that you will need to take and send in your samples.

2. Send us your first sample

On day 1, activate your kit in your dashboard. Under the “My Samples” tab, activate Sample-1. Collect your first sample and ship it to the lab in the pre-paid UPS mailer included in your kit. You can drop this off at any UPS store.

3. Start taking your probiotics

You will be provided with a 30 day supply of probiotics. Take one capsule twice daily for 30 days (one capsule with breakfast and one with dinner is recommended).

4. Send in your second sample

Once your probiotics are done, activate tube 2 in your online account. Collect your second sample and ship it to the lab using the second UPS pre-paid mailer in your kit. You can drop this off at any UPS store.

5. View your progress

You can access your user portal any time after ordering your first kit. Once your first sample has been analyzed, you will be notified to begin viewing your results online. Once your second sample is ready for viewing, you’ll be able to compare your before and after results, and observe any shifts in your gut microbiome. You will also be able to view personalized diet suggestions that are tailored to your microbiome profile.


We sat down with AsapSCIENCE to discuss their gut bacteria. Take a look!

Discover your own biology

Sequence your microbiome and receive personalized diet suggestions based on the trillions of bacteria living in your gut!

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