Next Generation Sequencing, Delivered to your Door

We use Illumina's state of the art MiSeq System. This system locates the amplified 16S RNA genes from thousands of bacteria present in your sample. These genes contain specific signatures allowing the system to categorize them based on their taxonomy.

How the SUPERBIOME™ test works

SUPERBIOME was designed to not only provide you with a breakdown of the bacteria that make up your gut microbiome, but also to enable you to improve your gut health! Your probiotics, in combination with a healthy diet and lifestyle, will help you to boost your microbiome to a healthy, balanced state. Having a healthy and balanced microbiome is shown to have many positive influences on your overall health!

1. Order your SUPERBIOME kit

Your SUPERBIOME kit will be delivered directly to your door, equipped with probiotics and all the accessories that you will need to take and send in your samples.

2. Send us your first sample

On day 1, activate tube 1 in your online account. Collect your first sample and ship it to the lab in the pre-paid UPS mailer included in your kit. You can drop this off in any UPS store.

3. Start taking your probiotics

You will be provided with a 30 day supply of probiotics. Take one capsule twice daily for 30 days (one capsule with breakfast and one with dinner is recommended).

4. Send in your second sample

Once your probiotics are done, activate tube 2 in your online account. Collect your second sample and ship it to the lab using the second UPS pre-paid mailer in your kit. You can drop this off in any UPS store.

5. View your progress

You can access your user portal any time after ordering your first kit. Once your first sample has been analyzed, you will be notified to begin viewing your results online. Once your second sample is ready for viewing, you’ll be able to compare your before and after results, and observe any shifts in your gut microbiome.

Why order the SUPERBIOME™ kit?

Advance microbiome research!

Microbiome research is becoming increasingly more prevalent in the scientific community as researchers are finding links between certain microbiome profiles with a vast number of health conditions (mood disorders, metabolic disorders, etc).

Learn about your own microbiome!

Your analysis will include a breakdown of all of the bacteria living inside of your gut, including those related to certain health conditions. You can compare your current sample with any sample you have previously sent us.

Improve your microbiome!

You will be provided with a 14 strain probiotic to boost your microbiome. We will be able to see how well these bacteria colonize your gut, based on your diet, lifestyle and pre-existing microbial population.

Share your data with others!

If you choose to, you will be able to share your results online with your health care providers, friends and family!

Discover your own biology

Order your personalized gut microbiome testing kit today!

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