About Us

Our Founders

Aly Burtch
Co-Founder & Managing Director
BSc (Ryerson University), MEIE student (Ryerson University)

Alejandro Saettone
Co-Founder & Director of Research and Development
BSc (UNMSM), MSc (Ryerson University), PhD candidate (Ryerson University)

Our Advisors

Dr. Kimberley Gilbride
Scientific Advisor
Professor, Ryerson University

Dr. Joseph McPhee
Scientific Advisor
Associate Professor, Ryerson University

Bob McCulloch
Business Advisor
President & CEO at CYOR Consulting Group

Mission and Vision

We aim to play a part in creating a well-informed society with knowledge of their own biology. We want to utilize science communication to bridge the gap between scientists and non-scientists. We envision ourselves becoming one of the leading companies globally with a focus on creating valuable solutions for microbiome health!

Supporting Partners