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Meet Your Gut Microbes

SUPERBIOME is a personalized microbiome monitoring program that provides you with a complete analysis of the bacterial community living inside your gut. Your kit comes equipped with two stool sampling tubes, to track your microbiome over time, and a 30 day supply of probiotics to boost your gut health! Based on your unique results, our machine learning algorithm makes dietary suggestions to support the growth and proliferation of beneficial gut bacteria.

Why are gut health and the human microbiome so important?

  • There is no such thing as a universal “healthy diet”. The right diet for each person is different, and is hugely dependent on the specific bacteria in our bodies that we rely on to break down our food. Everyone has trillions of bacteria in their body that is as unique to them as their own fingerprint. All of these different species of bacteria living together inside of our bodies play a fundamental role in immune function, digestion of food, and our mood on a day to day basis. This unique population of bacteria is known as your microbiome. Researchers have discovered variations in the microbiomes of individuals with autism, anxiety, depression, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and others. Unpleasant symptoms like bloating, diarrhea, constipation and gas can also be linked to our gut bacteria.

    SUPERBIOME is optimal for those who are trying to lose weight, anyone who has a chronic condition like IBS or IBD, or if you are simply looking to improve and maintain your overall health. The kit will provide you with a complete breakdown of the bacteria living in your gut and will provide you with dietary suggestions based on your unique microbiome profile. The SUPERBIOME kit comes equipped with a 30 day supply of a 14 strain probiotic to boost your gut health. Using the uBioDiscovery platform, you can compare your samples over time and monitor  changes in your microbiome. You can also share your results with your health care professionals, friends and family!

  • Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that improve overall gut functioning!

    We have trillions of bacteria living inside of us, and when the proportion of these bacteria becomes unbalanced, we can become quite ill. Introducing beneficial bacteria into your microbiome has many health benefits, including improving digestion, shortening the duration of symptoms in those with IBD, combating travelers diarrhea, alleviating depressive and anxious symptoms, aiding in weight management, and MANY more!!

    The mechanism of action of probiotics

    When your gut flora is colonized with beneficial bacteria, these “good” bacteria not only take up space, but they also compete for nutrients with pathogenic bacteria, preventing pathogens from colonizing your gut. A balanced microbiome promotes a healthy immune system and builds up the mucousal wall in your gastrointestinal tract, so that is inpenetrable to pathogens. These beneficial bacteria also play a fundamental role in digesting carbohydrates and sugars that are otherwise undigested by our own enzymes, allowing our bodies to utilize them as an energy source. Metabolites released by our gut microbes can communicate with the central nervous system, making microbiome manipulation and probiotic supplementation a potential therapy for disorders of the central nervous system.

Next Generation Sequencing, Delivered to Your Door

We use Illumina's state of the art MiSeq system to amplify 16S RNA genes from thousands of bacteria present in your sample, allowing us to identify them.

Why order the SUPERBIOME kit?

Learn about your own microbiome

Your analysis will include a breakdown of all of the bacteria living inside of your gut, including those related to certain health conditions. You can compare your previous samples to track changes in your microbiome over time!

Tailor your diet

You'll receive personalized dietary suggestions based on your unique community of gut bacteria. Some bacteria are more efficient at breaking down certain foods than others, therefore there is no 'universal diet' that is right for everyone.

Advance microbiome research

Microbiome research is becoming increasingly more prevalent in the scientific community as researchers are finding links between certain microbiome profiles with a vast number of health conditions (mood, digestive and metabolic disorders).

Share your data with others!

If you choose to, you will be able to share your results online with your health care providers, friends and family!